Waikato-Tainui College

Part Two Papers

Governance, Sustainability and Indigenous Business Development

You will consider the distinctive challenges facing managers of indigenous businesses, tasked not only with profitability and sustainability, but also with meeting the needs and goals of their communities.

  • Impact of community factors on business strategy and operations
  • Institutional mechanisms for managing the interface between community governance and corporate governance
  • Incorporating multiple bottom lines into strategic planning
  • Bottom line trade off's with community leaders and citizens
  • Business accountability in the indigenous community

Strategic Corporate Finance

Increase your understanding of financial markets and their role in valuation, assessing risk and return, and corporate financial practice.

  • Investment and project valuation
  • Raising capital and valuing debt and equity
  • Financial risk, returns and the Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • Estimating the cost of capital
  • Designing capital structure
  • Raising capital through IPOs
  • The value and acquisition of businesses – mergers and acquisitions.


Leadership Transformation and Growth

Explore the assumptions, beliefs and values embedded in good leadership practices and learn how to strengthen your own management style so you can mobilise others into commitment, vision and sense-making. Then explore the directions and modes of growth for an organisation.

  • Self-management and the role of communication and emotional intelligence in leadership
  • Leadership history and challenges
  • Methods of leadership development
  • Projecting business futures
  • The importance of connecting futures
  • Leading change and transformation in an organisation
  • Directions and modes of growth.


Creativity, Enterprise and Innovation

An introduction to creativity and innovation processes and the way ideas can be screened and developed to create sustainable value.

  • Market change and enterprise development
  • Entrepreneurship fundamentals
  • Innovation, strategy and culture
  • The role of creativity and discovery
  • Developing innovation strategy
  • Innovation in the New Zealand context
  • Developing business plans for entrepreneurial enterprises.


International Indigenous Business 

This paper has two goals – to develop an appreciation for business practices internationally and to create opportunities through knowledge acquisition and international contact for business to be developed in overseas markets.

  • Sustainable business through international business relationships
  • Building capacity for business opportunities
  • International business strategies in the New Zealand context
  • Importance of international business to Indigenous self determination and economic development
  • Cultural differences and similarities and how these impact on doing business
  • Importance of the Asian economy and its impact on global economic development
  • Experience the study tour in Canada.

Business Strategy, Value Creation and Execution

Focus on the implementation of strategy – the leadership skills required to effectively implement strategy decisions and lead change. You will also consider the essential role of value creation in managing and developing strategy.

  • Formulating strategy in a global economy
  • Aligning strategic vision 
  • Leading enterprise-wide change
  • Effective implementation leadership
  • The attributes of effective implementers
  • Managing strategic business relationships
  • Managing and developing strategy to create value.


Business Research Methods

Learn about research methods, how to develop a research proposal and how to plan a research project. You must complete this paper before you start the research for your Major Research Project.

  • Appropriate methodology and research perspectives
  • Forming a research purpose and developing research objectives 
  • Literature reviews, citations and referencing
  • Searching databases and other sources
  • Developing a research proposal and planning a research project.


Major Research Project

Take what you have learnt in the classroom and apply it to the real world. Choose a research topic in an area that is relevant to your organisational interests and work with a local business to gain an in-depth understanding of their current position and goals. Carry out extensive research based on what you have learnt throughout your MBA and provide recommendations on how to overcome a problem or implement strategies for business development, innovation or growth. As the driver of this project you will determine its direction and actively refl ect on your experiences throughout the duration of the project. You will be provided with an expert in your chosen discipline to support you and ensure your research is rigorous, meaningful and relevant.