Waikato-Tainui College

Warren Williams

IT Manager - Te Waananga o Aotearoa
I graduated with my MBA in 2008, while the programme content was challenging and interesting, the real value for me came from the networks and relationships with my fellow MBA colleagues, students and staff. The various perspectives and views from my colleagues helped me apply the course content to new scenarios and situations. It helped me see opportunities in my current role and provide value in other areas of my organisation. The support staff from the Management school was excellent and their assistance helped many of us get back into academic writing and discipline. This was important as most of us were in management roles as well as completing these studies. Much of the case studies and research were from overseas companies and industries. This encouraged me and others to look for examples of New Zealand case studies, which resulted in research into our own organisations. We gained greater understanding of our environments which was very beneficial.

The workload of the MBA is not to be underestimated and so I strongly recommend you have good support systems around you. Your networks and relationships will be crucial, as they will help you through the hard times. To this day I am still in regular contact with my class and some of the lecturers. I highly recommend the MBA programme because the experiences will be invaluable to you for the future.